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New version: ENERGY LOGSERVER 7.4.3

New version Energy Logserver 7.4.3

The new version of Energy Logserver 7.4.3 is available now!

We are pleased to introduce the latest version of our product, which we hope will bring many enhancements to the work of cybersecurity teams.

New features and major changes:

  •  Query management – list, identify and stop long running search.
    Long lasting queries to database can have an impact on system performance. Until now they were tricky to find and stop. This enhancement empowers cybersecurity teams to proactively manage and optimize their systems, enhancing overall efficiency and security.
  • Network Probe – introducting new system component as mandatory input layer.
    Almost endless variety of data is a natural challenge to parse and identify. As an evolution of previous parser component Network Probe allows not only to collect all data from IT infrastructure, but also data from network and perform advanced analysis on that.
  • Empowered AI – real time processing using scientific AI models.
    Additionally, our empowered AI enables near real-time processing using scientific AI models, further enhancing the capabilities of our product in detecting and responding to cybersecurity threats.
  • Archive – checksum verification upon request.
    Archives now have a feature that allows you to verify if it was modified, by checking file checksum. Giving additional layer of security for both data and system. In our latest update, archives now include a checksum verification feature that allows users to verify if any modifications have been made to the files within. This additional layer of security not only safeguards data integrity but also enhances overall system security.
  • License – GUI license upload with automatic distribution in cluster.
    Improved licensing service now has an option in UI, where you can upload new license and distribute it to all the databases in your environment. No need for manual copying files directly to the server. This streamlined process eliminates the need for manual file copying directly to the server, saving time and ensuring seamless license management for all databases in your environment.
  • Status page – showing health check in case of system problem without ability to log in.
    Keeping user experience in mind, we’ve added special page in graphic interface, which shows details if system experiences health issues that would normally prevent from login into the system. This proactive approach ensures transparency and enables users to stay informed even during system disruptions.
  • Audit – enchancements in auditing GUI actions.
    We know that one very popular use case for ELS is auditing. We’ve introduced new function to auditing mechaninsms, allowing system admin to have better understating what is happening and how user are interacting with the system.
  • Free space protection – Enabling Watermarks to keep system running in case of free space issue.
    A safety measure has been added to the system. Lack of free space in the system can have strong effects on any system, we’ve added watermark to prevent system from experiencing problems in case of free space issues.


  • Alerter – Risk key can be set on non default field – SOAR integration
  • Skimmer – self monitoring of license API status
  • Skimmer – self monitoring of free space on cluster nodes
  • Alerter – secure and insecure webhook support

We hope that all these enhancements and changes will improve work efficiency and allow for better security of the network infrastructure. We woudl like to encourage you to install and check all the features by your own. If you need more info, please contact us.

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