6.1.8 New version Energy Logserver!

6.1.8 New version Energy Logserver

The latest Energy Logserver update introduces improvements to existing mechanisms, but adds a number of new tools.
Fully compatible with version 6.x elasticsearch, Energy Logserver introduces, among others:
Logtrail – a tool for analyzing and reading service logs straight from system files that are updated on a regular basis. Clear interface with code coloring and search highlighting.
Cerebro – a graphical interface for working with api elasticsearch without logging in to the system console, available from the browser level.
IP Reputation – a mechanism for verifying IP addressing in IP reputation databases, supporting in the analysis of network traffic. The databases are automatically updated.
A collection of improved and new visualizations and dashboards, available to the user.

Version 6.1.8

Enhancements in Netflow support
Logtrail feature for covering all system components logs [kibana]
Cerebro Management tool support [kibana]
Automation for Bad IP reputation lists
Default Role integrated dynamically when working with AD accounts [elasticsearch-auth]
Explained additional logging class for elasticsearch in log4j
Detailed restore process of functional indexes [elasticsearch-auth]
AD/LDAP/SSO API - new endpoint /role-mapping/_reload [elasticsearch-auth]
License API - new endpoint /license/_reload [elasticsearch-auth]
Better radius integration with NAS-Identifier and NAS-IP-Address [elasticsearch-auth]
Skimmer components updated to 1.0.8
Backup script updated - utils/small_backup.sh
Java environment updated to branch v11
Network graph/corellation - new vizualization type [kibana]


bugfix: CSV Export not working due to wrong binary definition
bugfix: Error when trying to delete alert rule with an apostrophe in the name
bugfix: Reading of configuration variables in the Config tab [kibana]