Business Intelligence Plan

Energy Logserver gives the possibility of clear and transparent aggregation of data. This is crucial for quick but, above all, accurate analysis. Thanks to Energy Logserver, the analysis does not have to stop at the point where the data ends.

The advanced Intelligence module will look into the future to know what to expect. Prediction and trends are key to take your business to the next level. This can be seen in the huge online sales sector, which is proved by such giants as Allegro, Ebay or Amazon, but also in the personalization and behavioral sector in which Google and Facebook excel.

We place data from banks, stock exchanges, online stores and statistical systems in the Energy Logserver. There, we can correlate them, creating easy-to-read visualizations and dashboards with predictions. From this moment we have answers to many questions:

  • Which products are the most popular by country and age of the client?
  • Which products are most often recommended?
  • List of top rated products?
  • etc.

Or in the cases of corporations or stock exchanges:

  • What is the expected customer load on the stock exchange during the day?
  • What was the sale and interest in banking products now and a year ago?
  • What is the expected load on the transmission network between two exchanges?