Mobile App

Energy Logserver Mobile App

Energy Logserver Mobile App is the first application on the market for users of ELK systems. It was created for administrators and managers who need to be aware of their systems status quickly and easily. The application allows access to Energy Logserver, Elastic Stack and the free version of Kibana.
By logging in the same way as in the browser, we can access the visualizations and dashboards assigned to users and their roles. Using a system of profiles, we can connect to different environments and different accounts, depending on your needs, thanks to one application.

Main features:

  • Easy installation and configuration.
  • Security thanks to the use of the authorization system and encrypted connections.
  • Convenient management thanks to the bookmark system.
  • A separate tab with a list of favorite visualizations and dashboards.
  • Ability to access many environments.

The application is dedicated to the version of Elasticsearch 6.x.


Apple store download.

Google store download.