Let's see what kind of information our infrastructure is generating. The Search functionality allows you to instantly view the collected data. By choosing the devices as logsources , we can filter out information that is of our interest.

By specifying selected fields such as Host, Syslog Severity, we can see the percentage distribution for all occurrences. Once the query is provided we can save it for future usage.

Analytics can immediately focus on this area that corresponds with major errors in mission critical systems and applications.

We can search raw data of logs, but also see severity fields and error leves across all systems. Now it is easy to answer what is the trend for errors and application problems with the distribution over time.

Do you see something worth your attention?

Let's create a visualization based on our data!

IT data analysis doesn’t have to be boring. Use the potential of graphical presentation of Your Search results. Now it is time to be proud with results of Your work using best visualization methods.