Off Report

The Energy Logserver reporting module allows you to create PDF documents from any visualization and dashboard. All what Your have created in tables, visualizations and dashboards can be extracted from the system in PDF file.

This feature allow You to present results of SLA reporting and other business KPI to managers and peoples does to now have time for direct system access.


Efficient work in IT infrastructure requires constant monitoring and reviewing all security and performance relevant data. Similar daily tasks can be automated to collect important dataset out of 100% logs. For that purpose we have introduced Reports Scheduler that can help You deliver final results in the right moment of time.Scheduler accept calendar setup or a crontab format.


Reports always work within the permissions of the user who created them. The information presented in the Energy Logserver is accurate with the access rights granted to the data.

Data Export in CSV / HTML

Energy Logserver provides efficient module for large data export in CSV and HTML file format. Search task can be defined to run in the background and store exported files for future download. Export CSV and HTML works on the top of user dataset permissions. Export task continue it work in the background without blocking application for other system users.