Object permission

Energy Logserver has a object management function. With this feature, there is a possibility to limit the access of given users to objects in the system, i.e. saved searches, visualizations, dashboards and index patterns.

Even with a very large system with many users - this mechanism ensures data security, easy management, individual configurations and centralization of objects.

Most importantly, users can still take full advantage of the system's potential, i.e. they can create visualizations, dashboards or view data themselves. This is key, especially when working with a business or analytical department that usually has dedicated indexes to work with.

Of course, Energy Logserver has built-in authorization, role and user management system by default. It is also a possibility to integrate with systems such as AD or LDAP.

The presented video material shows the full process of creating a role, user and granted rights to the index pattern, visualization and dashboard. Thanks to the clear and easy-to-use interface, the whole process takes only a few minutes.