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Newsletter 7.0.5: May update

Hello! We are coming back with new set of information regarding Energy Logserver – starting with currently latest version - 7.0.5. This time we would like to turn your attention to some new data management capabilities we’ve introduced as well as our response to CentOS 7&8 dispute. Hope you will find it helpful!   Data […]

SUNBURST detection

SUNBURST is a threat that uses SolarWinds software. The threat accesses the infrastructure via a fake software update. The malware was constructed so well that it went undetected for a long time. He disguises his communications very cleverly, pretending to be real connections. It even uses country-specific IP addresses to avoid being recognized as anomaly. […]

Few words about optimization

While working with elasticsearch it’s impossible to avoid the topic of shard optimization. Sooner or later every user of a more complex system will have to take up this topic. An unoptimized elasticsearch environment can result in slow data indexing, returning responses, and even unstable performance of the entire environment. The sooner we understand where […]

Text vs Keyword

There are two types of data in elasticsearch that are often troublesome for people inexperienced in working with the system - Keyword and Text. Both types are a kind of string, but elasticsearch interprets them differently, so you can perform different operations on them.   How file type is made? In general, the type of […]

Newsletter 7.0.4 Feb update: Wiki

Welcome. Second month went really fast here at Energy Logserver. We are full of motivation, as it seems that each day bring new challenges to tackle. We are currently working on few game changing modules for Energy Logserver. Right now, we’ve finished polishing and updating existing functionalities and are happy to share more information with […]

Vulnerability Scanner integration

Vulnerabilities are common problem in IT community. Some are serious, other – not so much. Most important is to know if any vulnerabilities are present in our systems, how critical they are and how they can be fixed. There are tools that can help you do get that information, called vulnerability scanners. Vulnerability scanners check […]