AWS Billing and Inventory

Energy Logserver have dedicated AWS monitoring module, which allows you to see your cloud from design you can create. General overview, EC2, RDS, AMI, S3, IAM, Security, Gateways and even Billing. All of that is available in Energy Logserver with AWS module.

The integration is carried out through the use of the AWS API, which issues sets of metrics as separate "namespaces". As part of the integration, Energy Logserver:

• manages the required namespaces
• manages access to the AWS API on the appropriate users / keys
• manages the metrics download schedule
• and more

With this module you have full and clear visibility over how cloud environment is build, what operations are done and how effective they were. But most importantly - what is the exact cost of each operation. Ingested cloud data are ready for custom reporting, automatic alarming tasks, visualizations and other, which can be created at any point with ease.